The Angry Birds Movie


Red is a very cynical and easily prone to anger bird. This gets him sent to Anger Management classes, where he meets Chuck, Bomb, Terence, and the instructor Matilda but does his best to stay away from them and not participate in these classes. When out of nowhere a giant ship comes to their island full of green pigs, Red is incredibly suspicious, even when everyone else seems fine with it, being in awe of the pig’s machinery. Still, Red is determined to prove that the Pigs are villains, and hence begins a journey to go see Mighty Eagle.


Angry Birds is one of the better films based on games I’ve seen. This is in part because most films based on games are usually terrible, and also because the game had so little plot that the plot in the movie is pretty much entirely original, and thus has the opportunity to be something that much better fits the medium. The plot was rather simple and predictable: Red is an outcast, he ends up strongly suspicious of outsiders, the rest of the people around him believe outsiders over him, Red turns out to be right, everyone else turns to him to help them solve their problems, and he pulls it off. There a couple other small twists, but they’re really all predictable. The message in the background is certainly interesting considering the times, but I can certainly see their point. The humor was solid, but also very different from the standard animated movie in a very weird sense but I still enjoyed it. I thought the film did a pretty good job of being true to the game in a sense, though as I said, there wasn’t much there to work with, but with a couple key scenes they seemed to get the core of it. The animation was solid and there were a lot of well used songs in the soundtrack. Overall a good amount better than I expected.

A solid animated family movie with a strange sense of humor.



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