Fantastic Mr.Fox


Mr. Fox and his wife Felicity used to be thieves, stealing Chickens and such from farmers, but after Felicity became pregnant, Fox promises to find a safer career and ends up as a newspaper column writer, a job which he hates. Many years later, they both live together with their cynical son Ash and Felicity’s very agile and jealousy inducing nephew Kristofferson in a tree overlooking the farms of Boggis, Bunce, and Bean, a nasty set of farmers with heavy control over the area. Fox was warned not to live in such a place as its especially dangerous for foxes, but as time went on Fox grew more and more weary of the safe and dull life he was living. Eventually, he goes back on his promise and secretly begins his life as a thief once more, pulling a series of heists from Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. Things go well, and Fox is having fun, but eventually the farmers have had enough, and they go all out, combining all their resources with the single goal of killing Fox, resulting in a long chase that turns the lives of everyone involved with Fox upside down.


Fantastic Mr. Fox is a very different animated movie from most recent films. First of all it uses stop motion animation, and not just that but does it with an art style that’s very different from what I’ve seen in the past. Ultimately, I would say that they did a very good job at it, resulting in something that was somewhat bizarre and was always a bit ugly, but was definitely incredibly interesting especially some of the 2-D shots. The humor too was very rough, not in the sense that it needed more work, but in that it wasn’t as smooth as it is in most animated films, which certainly isn’t for everyone but gave the film character. The plot was also decent with a lot of generic plot lines and themes: Mr. Fox finding himself, his son dealing with not being as good as his father or his cousin, and his nephew dealing with being disliked by his son, dealing with the repercussions of one’s action, and various things along these lines. The big thing however, is that rather than trying to push forth morals based on the negative result of the characters actions, the end result is more along the lines of Mr.Fox just pulling it all off even without them, and how it all just works out was certainly unique. On one hand, it does make one question what was the point of it all, but on the other hand its certainly far more amusing than the alternative. Another note that make the film quite strange, is that the world was not consistent at all. Animals can speak and wear clothes and people know that, but they aren’t people, and various other plot holes along these lines. But with how strange the film was, it didn’t even matter oddly enough even though it did sort of jump out.

A comedic stop motion film that’s very rough, but that gives it its own charm in a way.



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