Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider


Genius Shiki Magata has been living essentially as a prisoner on an isolated island for over 15 years after she killed her parents as a young girl, but was given a special punishment on the basis of insanity, and has continued performing research since then. Souhei Saikawa, a very indrawn but genius professor, strongly wishes to meet her, and one of his students, a rich, smart, and energetic but still somewhat cynical girl named Moe Nishinosono who has a crush on him, ends up using her connections to help him get in. However, as soon as they arrive, a murder mystery immediately begins, with them in the middle of it.


The Perfect Insider is a mystery anime, but rather than one that’s episodic with maybe some sort of overarching plot, there’s a single mystery from beginning to end that gets developed in great detail, which is rare as far as I know. It goes somewhat slowly at times but overall it worked out very well. Part of the reason for this is that the mystery itself is a very good one with a pretty large number of twists. However, everyone of them gets slowly developed, so none of them seem ridiculous, and for lack of another way of saying it, they all seemed fair. Some of the twists are incredibly intense. Some of them are hilarious, such as the last twist where I laughed harder than Souhei. The other reason it doesn’t get slow is the strong development of the main characters Souhei, Moe, and Magata. Magata is incredible with an incredibly unique outlook that slowly gets developed, alongside a background on what led to it. The relationship between Souhei and Moe is interesting as well due to how different their personalities are, and there’s almost as much of an interest in seeing how that develops as the resolution to the mystery. Hence, while there are a lot of slow moments, due to the strong development of the mystery and relationships between characters throughout, overall it feels paced very well.

In terms of art and animation it was solid and fit the work. The soundtrack was also decent. The OP and ED both had pretty good music, and the OP especially had a really good visual. In terms of voice acting the English portions were pretty terrible and awkward, but overall it was fine.

A single mystery that’s somewhat slow in being unfolded, but one that’s very well developed and involves a very interesting set of characters.



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