Now You See Me 2


Since their entry and retreat from the world stage a year ago, the Horseman have been biding their time waiting as per the orders of The Eye. During this period, Atlas has been trying to make contact and talk to The Eye himself. McKinney and Wilder have been trying to learn hypnotism and card skills from each other respectively. Reeves couldn’t stand the waiting and left. In her stead, The Eye chose a woman named Lula to join the team instead, who’s as strange as rest of them and just as good of a magician. Rhodes is still working at the FBI pulling the double agent. Finally, they get orders to act, being told to expose a major privacy violating scheme by a technology company called Octa. However, in the middle of doing so, they’re the ones who get exposed and somehow end up in Macau. There they’re told that they’ve been forcefully recruited by tech genius and underground investor Mabry to steal a computer chip that may come to pose problems for him. Meanwhile, Rhodes is also dealing with his father’s rival Bradley, who he put in jail earlier, but still seems to have some tricks up his sleave. Working through their own issues within the group, they set off on their quest to expose wrongdoers while of course wowing and amazing onlookers along the way.


Now You See Me 2 like it’s predecessor is a movie that on paper doesn’t seem good at all. The core of the film is magic tricks, but because it’s in film form, meaning everything come down to standard movie magic , and because most of the tricks aren’t properly explained it shouldn’t really be all that awe inspiring. However, despite it not making that much sense, the tricks are still incredibly amazing to behold, still managing to capture the essence of magic tricks themselves, and ultimately very enjoyable to watch. The plot too is completely ridiculous, with twists upon twists without any warning or rhyme or reason, but that too just seems to workout somehow and be really enjoyable. The cast is also great, and though some of the character twists were ridiculous, they are a cast of heroes you can genuinely root for, with Lula being a great addition, and on the other end the film also has a cast of villains you can genuinely hate.  It’s lighthearted tone full of solid humor also fits in perfectly, as does it’s mystifying soundtrack. The film full well knows what it is and fully embraces it and to that end I think it deserves a lot of credit. While there are clearly issues if you pay attention too closely, it’s not really a brain dead film, though it kind is, but rather it invites you to look past them itself to enjoy the magic itself, and does a really good job of it.

A film that is finds strength in being ridiculous and managing to wow at every opportunity.



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