Judy Hopps has always wanted to be a police officer in the great city of Zootopia. She does her best, graduates police academy as a valedictorian, and arrives for her first day of work, prepared to finally acheive her dream. Then she gets assigned to parking duty. Unfortunately for her, Judy Hopps is a rabbit, and no one takes rabbits seriously as police officers. Still, she does her best. But on her very first day, she ends up getting hustled by the con artist fox Nick Wilde, so things are not going well for her at all. However, afterwards she finally seems to get her big break. She is tasked with finding an otter named Emmitt who had disappeared alongside 14 other predators, but with the condition that if she fails she has to resign. Knowing that she needs all the help she can get, she ropes the reluctant Nick into assisting her through blackmail and they both tackle the case head on. However, as they delve deeper and deeper into the case, they discover a major conspiracy that rocks the very foundation of Zootopia to its core.


There’s something special about great family movies, especially the animated ones, that just seems sort of magical. This film manages to hit that sweet spot perfectly. Its set in a super diverse city with a large number of biomes and a large number of types of animals inhabiting said biomes. This gives it a very fantasy like feel to it due to all the variety. However, the actual plot is much more grounded in reality. It imparts a very strong message about how despite all of us being different, we all need to work with each other and get along, which is tremendously relevant these days. Yes, to some degree this is kind of ridiculous because the story invokes predators getting along with their prey, which is kind of weird, as well as a lot of other inconsistencies or points that are awkward when you think about them. However, because the setting works so well for what they were trying to convey, and the fact that a good film can be structured in such a way that viewers can gloss over such details while watching, I think it managed to work out tremendously well. The plot itself was pretty predictable, with the true villain being pretty obvious from the first scene they’re in, however the duo of Judy and Nick played tremendously well together in getting through that plot, both of them growing tremendously because of the trials they go through as well as strengthening their bond with each other, ultimately coming to a fantastic ending that wraps things up perfectly and brings things full circle. All of this is done with fantastic animation and artwork, great comedy, and a great soundtrack featuring Shakira who seems to be a lot better than I remembered.

A fantastically animated movie about coming together despite differences.



This seems more ripe for a sequel than any other Disney movie I can remember in recent memory. Really hope we get it.


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