Black Mass


Whitey is the leader of the Winterhill gang, that controls most of the crime in south Boston. A friend he’s had from childhood, Connolly, is an FBI investigator in charge of the area. When a mafia family begins spreading their influence in Whitey’s turf, they find a common enemy, and form an alliance. However, their relationship continues past this first conflict, with Connolly becoming quite close to Whitey, and Whitey exploiting that to benefit him and his gang, greatly increasing his power and influence.


This is a movie based on a true story that seems pretty interesting, however the story doesn’t translate that well into a full featured movie. The movie is interesting in that it shows things escalating tremendously, which is quite thrilling, and it is quite well made. It is also quite good in terms of cinematography. However, it doesn’t really feel like the film has enough subject matter for it’s pretty long length, and hence it can get quite dull at times. There’s pretty interesting plot when looked at in general, but it doesn’t have much depth, at least how it was told here. Hence, it seems to veer off and do a variety of subplots, but they all also feel somewhat lacking in that they don’t seem to have much of a point. All of this ultimately comes to a conclusion that seems quite abrupt, and while it is based on a true story so they can’t vary it all that much, it still feels like an issue. The soundtrack wasn’t bad but it was largely forgettable.

A film based on an a reasonably interesting story that drags on way too long to the point it’s no longer interesting.



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