Baroque K/night


Kyouya is a loner that is easily forgotten by everyone around him. However, one day a girl named Baroque confesses to him out of the blue asking him to take part in a virtual reality type game. And furthermore, somehow this leads to him agree to marry her. Hence, the to be married couple do various things with each other, including playing the game. But the game seems to have dark secrets, which are related to how both Baroque and one of her friends in the game, Ruriko, seem to have some preexisting connection to Kyouya as well.


While this is called a school battle manga, the actual battle portion is rather weak. There is a game in the background with various systems for powers and such, but they don’t get fleshed out at all. Furthermore, there are few actual battles, and the ones that are there aren’t all that exciting. Furthermore, while the overarching plot does have potential I felt, it doesn’t really go anywhere and just sort of wraps up at the end without all that much having happened yet. All in all, it every much feels like a quick and dirty light novel to manga adaption. Now, that’s not to say the manga doesn’t have it good points, because it certainly does. I like the characters, personalities, and their various relationships, particularly both the deredere and yandere and how they behave relative to the memory loss that occurred, though the yandere aspect is barely touched upon. This makes the rom-com aspects quite good, and there are quite a few funny moments throughout. I also liked the art and designs, especially character expressions.

What seems to be a good concept hampered by a bad adaption.



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