Himouto! Umaru-chan


Umaru is seen by many as the perfect high school girl: beautiful, kind, excellent in academics and athletics, exceptional in every way. However, that’s mostly just an image she’s putting on. When she gets home, she turns into a completely lazy slacker that just watches anime, plays games, and lazes around, completely taking advantage of her older brother, Taihei, who she lives with in order to not have to actually do anything. Her brother who is incredibly diligent and hard working, while putting in effort into trying to set her straight, isn’t very good at it. This set up leads to an interesting web of relationships developing between both of them and number of other characters, including Umaru’s friends, Ebina a transfer student from the country, Kirie a girl that is incredibly socially awkward, and Sylphinford a princess like girl that views Umaru as a rival, as well as Taihei’s coworkers, leading to a number of interesting stories.


Himouto is an anime that doesn’t particularly have any sort of overarching plot. Rather, each episode is made up of a number of small segments, sometimes connected, sometimes not, that are amusing on their own. What makes these so amusing is that the cast of characters involved is fantastic and the various relationships they have with each other is perfect for leading to a lot of interesting but hilarious situations. Umaru and her friends, including Ebina, Sylphie, and Kirie are all pretty unique characters that are adorable in their own ways and mesh together really well. Taihei serves as an incredibly strong contrast to Umaru, and the relationships his coworkers Bonbo and Alex have with their sisters serves as a very good contrast to the relationship between Umaru and Taihei. Furthermore, though she doesn’t get much time Kanau is really interesting as well. All in all, this sets the stage for a great number of amusing skits that are pretty varied, including skits ranging from those that are actually a bit heartwarming to those that are just blatant nonsensical parodies, which is enough so that there’s good pacing. However, because its like this, it should be noted that while we do learn more about the characters as the show goes on, there isn’t really that much change or development in any of the characters or their relationships, which at points felt kind of like a bummer.

The OP is incredibly fitting and designed solely for this anime. ED and soundtrack were decent. Art style and animation get a bit awkward due to chibi Umaru at points, but overall is decent. Specials were also amusing and very different.

Relaxing and funny anime with an adorable and super interesting cast of characters though not much of a plot.



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