Jack Reacher


After a sniper kills what seems like five random people, James Barr is taken in as the primary suspect. It seems like an open and shut case. The man is a retired sniper from the US military. The people were killed with a type of bullets found in his home. And his finger print is on a quarter found at the scene. He refuses to sign a confession however, and instead asks for Jack Reacher.

Jack Reacher is a ghost. He used to be in the military police, but after he left he became a drifter, with no IDs, licences, official home, or anything that could be used to trace him. They have no idea how to reach him, but he appears immediately. His original intent is to make sure that Barr gets whats coming to him, because they have history, and Reacher promised that if anything like this happened he would make sure that Barr was buried. But Barr’s attorney, Helen Rodin, convinces him to help investigate the case, and they find that the shooting isn’t like what it seems at first glance, and that someone of Reacher’s talents would be necessary in uncovering and dealing with the real perpetrators.


Jack Reacher was an incredibly generic action flick. The action was pretty solid, though nothing popping out as exceptional, being action of the mundane variety for the most part with no major surprises or super stunts. Yet it seems that the action is what the movie was intended to rely upon, as the story itself was pretty weak, with the mystery being incredibly shallow, and the entire chase surrounding it feeling random and pointless. Reacher had pretty decent character development, but everyone else pretty much felt hollow, especially when it came to the villains, who the film seemed to try to portray as deep, but in terms of motivations they just felt incredibly awkward and haphazard. There was nothing exceptionally noticeable about the cinematography or soundtrack.

An incredibly generic by the books action film for better or worse.



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