Boku ni Koisuru Mechanical (Mechanical Love)

Boku ni Koisuru Mechanical .png

Maita is a pretty unpopular college student. One day he’s recruiting new students for the club he’s a part of, the movie club, when due to various circumstances he ends up getting attacked by the football team. However, a girl sees him and asks him if he’s OK, beginning a wonderful relationship between them. Or so it seems. When he gets home, he finds a strange woman named Integra who tells him that in the future, there is a war between man and machine, with his son leading the fight on the human side due to secret powers locked within his genetics. However, the machine side has sent various ‘anima’ types back in time to not just stop him from being born, but to also seduce him and steal his seed so that they may use his powers instead, and hence that he must be on the lookout for suspicious women. However, Maita being who he is, is quite bad at doing that, and hence Integra and her allies from the future, a professor and a reprogrammed robot Maita calls Sutako, must watch over him instead.


I quite liked the premise, plot, and many of the characters in this manga. The art was also decent. It was a blatant parody of Terminator, but that’s fine, as it was quite amusing with a lot of good comedic scenes. Furthermore, there were a number of plot threads that I wanted to see progress and see the ends of, particularly relating to the flashback of high school and the robot girl that lost her memories. However, it all came to a crash in an obviously axed end. The author tried to do some weird thing where he tries to wrap up everything super quickly, though it didn’t really work. Furthermore, the ending itself was seriously lacking in any impact as well being completely random, as is often the case with axed endings unfortunately.

A somewhat interesting start but an obviously forced ending.



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