Jack Reacher: Never Go Back


Reacher continues to wander America, solving random crimes and helping random people. He has assistance from afar from Major Turner, a military police woman based in DC. As thanks, he heads there to treat her to dinner, but finds that she’s been arrested on charges of espionage. Finding that ridiculous, he digs into the matter and finds a conspiracy involving her and her investigation into a company called Parasource, and ultimately chooses to go up against the law to investigate. However, on returning to DC, he also discovers that apparently, there was a woman who claimed that he she had a daughter with him many years ago, who was now fifteen, and she ultimately gets involved in the mess as well when his adversaries search for a way to get to Reacher.


Never Go Back is a very forgettable movie. Its very similar to the first film, but even more low key. It hits a lot of action notes, has a back story related plot with character development, and also a vast conspiracy. However, the action feels quite forced at times, the melodrama was awful, especially everything involving the daughter, and just overall the new characters are not as good. Reacher is a lot more interesting as a lone wolf and this just sort of made a mess of that. This time the film’s conspiracy and mystery were actually interesting and a lot better than it’s predecessor’s, having a good payoff at the end. It’s not enough to salvage the film however.

A pretty dull action flick.



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