Saitou-kun wa Chounouryokusha Rashii (Rumor says that Saito is an Esper)

Saitou-kun wa Esper Rashii.png

Saito enters high school thinking that he’ll quickly become the most popular person in school, for he has a secret power, the power to bend spoons with his mind. However, everyone in his class thinks of it as a joke. So he goes in search of people that would appreciate him, ending up at the ESP Research Society. But he then discovers that all the club members there have much more powerful abilities than him: Kotori, a kind but airheaded girl that is invulnerable; Yuuki, a hot headed girl that has telekineses; Shizuka, a quiet girl that can read minds; and eventually Nao, a somewhat mean girl that can control electricity. Saito ends up joining this club with overpowered people, but doesn’t let his lack of abilities affect his ridiculous overconfidence in any way.


The characters for this were somewhat interesting, with the protagonist being somewhat of a jerk with completely unwarranted pride. And hence a bunch of small stories about their antics were pretty amusing. However, the plot was incredibly lacking. The majority of the manga completely lacks anything that furthers the plot or relationships between the characters, though honestly, these other parts are the better parts of the manga because they’re pretty amusing. The parts that try to push the plot forward, like Kanna’s arc, were pretty bad. That in part might be because she’s an Ojou-sama Osasanajami Yandere who really doesn’t get her due, but even beyond that it felt lacking as a plot/relationship pushing device. The art was pretty good though.

A series with good art that’s amusing at times, but is somewhat lacking in substance.



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