Mayoi Neko Overrun!


Takumi Tsuzuki was once an orphan but was picked up by Otome Tsuzuki, who now takes care of him. She runs a cake shop known as Stray Cats Confectionery, but is often away from the shop due to being someone that helps anyone that needs help regardless of the circumstances involved. Thus, actually running the shop often lands on the shoulders of Takumi, as well as Fumino Serizawa, Takumi’s childhood friend from the orphanage who has the personality trait of saying the opposite of what she means whenever it involves her feelings. One day when Takumi and Fumino are working at the shop, Otome returns, but to their surprise she seems to have come with another girl Nozomi Kiriya, a runaway that Otome encountered and also decided to take in. She’s a girl that has a hard time expressing her feelings as well, though more in the sense that she closes herself off, so her joining is initially a bit rough, but she quickly becomes part of the family, and even starts going to the same school as Takumi and Fumino. Then Chise Umenomori, the granddaughter of the school chairman and the spoiled heiress to a major corporation, makes them all join her club, which doesn’t have any sort of goal or even a name. But it ends up being kind of fun anyway.


This manga is a pretty generic, but a pretty lighthearted and amusing read. In terms of plot, there isn’t much of an overarching story, but is rather composed of a bunch of small episodes with self-contained plots, though some small plot threads do carry over now and then. These small episodes feels very well paced with stories that aren’t especially interesting, but are told pretty well, and that show off the characters well. The cast of characters isn’t particularly novel either, but they all feel pretty solid and likable so its enjoyable enough reading about them. There are two things that really make this manga stand out and be good though. The first is the comedy, which I felt was pretty good from beginning to end. The constant cameos were also very amusing. The second is the art, which is amazing, in that it’s high quality, has good variety, shows facial expressions really well, and is incredibly pleasing just to look at. An issue with this though, is that it got cancelled, by which I mean it didn’t get discontinued and then get the standard few chapters to wrap things up, but rather just stopped abruptly with the last chapter even saying “Look forward to the next chapter”. A lack of a proper ending is somewhat of a disappointment, but discontinued type endings are generally pretty bad or useless anyway, and this isn’t all that story oriented in the first place in that it’s not like there were any major plot threads that were left hanging, so it’s not that much of an issue and not enough to diminish what is there, which hence is still pretty solid.

A manga that has a solid though generic plot and characters, but solid humor and amazing art.


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