The Martian


Mark, an astronaut on the first mission to Mars, is separated from his comrades as they escape before a storm, and due to technical failures on his sensors is left for dead. He somehow manages to survive, and make it back to their command center, but is stuck in the unfortunate situation of being the only person on Mars, with limited resources and absolutely no way to communicate with Earth. However, with a tremendous amount of ingenuity by him and scientists at NASA, he works towards making it home.


The Martian takes a very different approach to Sci-Fi, being very rooted in reality, not dealing with events and aspects that don’t really seem to have any chance of happening without world changing break through, but rather something much more grounded, that may well happen in the next twenty years. It hits very close to home while still being tremendously amazing. A key aspect to that is that the problem isn’t light years away, its bringing a single man home, and the problems aren’t tremendous or overtly complex either, primarily revolving around maintaining shelter, establishing communications, and keeping up a food supply. It’s all about problem solving and using everything you know even under pressure. It makes astronauts look truly amazing, in that it doesn’t make them seem larger than life, but rather incredibly courageous scientists. The plot is essentially a series of problems that get solved one after the other, eventually bringing him home, all of which is paced excellently, with a great amount of suspense, though obviously everyone knows he’s going to make it in the end. Mark himself is also a great character, tremendously optimistic even in the most stressful situations, with great wit and humor adding a great lighthearted aspect to the film.

A film that conveys how amazing human ingenuity can be.


Give NASA more funding plox.


The Peanuts Movie


Charlie Brown is seen by many as pretty pathetic and is strongly lacking confidence in himself due to the fact that nothing ever seeming to go as the wants it to. However, when a new student, a little red haired girl, comes to his school, he tries to make an effort to change to impress her, though as always things never work out as he planned.


The Charlie Brown movie is exactly what I expected it to be, and that’s great because it was incredibly funny and touching.. It was very true to the characters, especially Charlie Brown and Snoopy, but everyone’s character showed through to at least some degree. The plot was incredibly fitting in showing off the core of Charlie Brown, in that he’s a character that may be fail often for ridiculous reasons, but has a good heart. It was really simplistic in a sense, but it just fit so well. And the side story with Snoopy was interesting as well and I think helped with preventing the pacing from getting too slow. The animation quality and style were great, being different from normal animated movies but fitting quite well, the soundtrack was also fitting.

Exactly what one would expect from a well made Charlie Brown movie.


I really hope we get another one, though I’m reading that may not happen for a while.

Also, what was even the little red haired girls name? Good grief.