The world is changing, and many doubt that programs such as the 00 program are necessary. One such person is Max Denbigh, who Bond dubs C, of the Joint Intelligence Service who wants to create a new surveillance system, 9 eyes, that would use cutting edge technology to have eyes on everything using the internet, and would thus make things like agents obsolete. This is crucial, because Max is currently in a power struggle with M, with the fate of the future of Britain’s intelligence in the balance. Bond certainly doesn’t make the case for M however, going on a secret off the books mission that the previous M sent him on before her death, and causing all sorts of mishaps. This turns out to be the last straw, and results in Max coming out victorious in the power struggle, resulting in the termination of the 00 program. However, Bond isn’t quite ready to stop just yet. On his last mission, he finds a ring with a black octopus, and stumbles upon a major conspiracy involving events spanning his entire life and intelligence career as well as the direction Britain’s intelligence services seem to be headed in. Hence, with or without any assistance, Bond sets off to unravel this conspiracy, and find the truth behind Spectre.


There were a number of really good things in this film. The opening was fantastic, both visually and in terms of audio, I would even say the best of all the Craig films. The soundtrack is also excellent. It also had a number of great action scenes with some great explosion sequences. The romantic scenes were also quite nice. A lot of smaller scenes were also done really well, such as the one with C dying by falling down the great building he built onto the logo itself, or bond walking away at the end, with the villain completely and utterly defeated. In terms of the individual scenes the movie was overall quite good. However, the summation of parts felt somewhat lacking. The overall plot was somewhat lack luster, primarily because it seemed to be tying things together in such a way that the backstory felt forced, though that is in part because the overall plots so far have been been pretty lackluster and forgettable already in my opinion. So all the references to previous films don’t hit as well as they could, and the attempt at being some spectacular finish that wraps up everything didn’t really work at all, but rather was an unnecessary distraction.  Now that is not to say it isn’t a good ending for the series, because the ending as stated is quite good and wraps things up very well, and overall is a satisfying conclusion to the Craig’s Bond series.

A film that has a lot of fantastic scenes that ends the series well, but with a plot that’s more of a miss than a hit.