Seiken Tsukai no World Break (World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman)


Metaphysicals are mysterious being that randomly appear and attack humanity. The only ones who can fight them are Saviors, people who had special abilities in past lives and as a result could now remember aspects of those lives and draw on those abilities. One such Savior is Haimura Moroha who begins attending Akane Private Academy, a high school for such Saviors. There he meets the overtly energetic and somewhat air-headed Ranjou Satsuki, a Savior who’s past life was greatly entwined with his in that they were very close siblings, and Satsuki seems to want to extend that relationship to their current lives, even though Moroha only remembers bits and pieces of it. However, he then encounters the aloof and mysterious Savior Urushibara Shizuno, who seems to have a past life closely entwined with a different past life of Moroha’s, thus meaning that he has not one but two past lives to draw powers from. Drawing on both of them, he quickly becomes incredibly powerful, drawing international attention, however that’s both good and bad. While it allows him to take part in operations to defeat the metaphysicals, it also results in rival nations becoming wary of him and trying to make him disappear, such as with Russia sending in a girl named Arshavina Elena to assassinate him. Hence Moroha must deal with all of these conflicts, while maintaining his various relationships.


This anime is a pretty standard overpowered protagonist battle school harem rom-com, but it’s a really good one. The concept of drawing on memories and abilities from past lives is interesting, and this anime did a pretty good job of handling the concept well, in that it results in an interesting dynamic to the main trio’s relationship.  It also helps that I thought each of these characters were really solid. The protagonist was actually interesting and likable, in that he was competent not only in terms of physical abilities but how he handled social situations as well. Shizuno was a really amazing character in that she was very grounded and loyal. Satsuki was somewhat of an overtly energetic idiot, but a likable one. And the dynamic between these two, with them being opposites to each other in many ways, resulted in a lot of solid comedy. Plus, they all felt like they got solid development. Beyond the main trio, there are a lot of side characters, and surprisingly a lot of them felt pretty solid due to a combination of solid humor and many being being fleshed out, which was admittedly somewhat shallow, but worked well considering how many characters it dealt with in the time allotted, and as a result most were quite likable with special standouts including Elena, Maya, and Tokiko. Now speaking of time, one of the things I liked most about this anime is how fast paced it is. This has ridiculously fast pacing and to the degree it feels like its skipping over explaining some things and leaving them up for interpretation, like the details of the battle system, his motivations for entering conflicts, or what exactly the Ancient Dragon is and why they were able to beat it this time despite never being able to do so before, which are all possible to understand to some degree from context but still have some air of confusion surrounding them. But I think the fact that the fast pacing makes the ride a lot more intense and fun more than makes up for that. Still, due to the lack of explanation the combat was kind of weird in that the power levels felt kind of random, in that at times the combat would be massive, with attacks destroying mountains and such, and at times the combat would be really limited, at the level of realistic blade combat, and as it wasn’t entirely clear why it was like that, it felt kind of strange at times.

The animation was solid enough, but kind of weird in that there were some surprisingly great moments, but also some surprisingly bad moments. The character designs were great and I really liked a lot of them. The OP/ED were great, and it was interesting how due to how they were trying to cram so much into each episode, that though the track played and credits rolled, most of the time the time the complete visuals weren’t shown in favor of having more story content. The soundtrack was pretty good. Also, I like how the main character had an incredibly cheesy but somehow awesome catch phrase.

An anime that is mostly pretty standard for it’s genre, but due to a solid cast and well done fast pacing is a very good member of it.


I don’t like the English logo for this. Should have made it closer to the Japanese.