The Nice Guys


Holland March is a pretty awful detective and a single father to his daughter Holly. Jackson Healy is an enforcer that doesn’t really care all that much for ethics or the law. Their paths cross when March is sent to find the whereabouts of Amelia Kutner, and Healy is hired to prevent him from finding her. Healy breaks March’s arm and gets him off the case, but is then assaulted in his apartment by two other thugs also looking for Amelia. He fights them off, but determines that the only way he can make sure they don’t come after him, is if he gets to the bottom of this. And hence, he personally rehires March to take up the case and help him find Amelia. Hence, Healy, March, and surprisingly Holly end up on a wild goose chase that turns out to be a hell of a lot bigger than they expected.


The film is set in 1977 LA, and one of the core unique aspects of the film is the attempt at trying to convey the visual style and flair of the area during the period in a somewhat exaggerated way. It does quite well in this regard, and I certainly appreciated the style, eye candy, and soundtrack, all of which contributed well to the atmosphere. The plot itself is pretty generic, with a couple of guys that would generally be considered bad people coming together and through necessity doing something good. The three main characters, Healy, March, and Holly, while seemingly not that great at first, by the end all seem like really cool characters. None of them really go through much character development beyond coming to trust each other more and becoming fine with each others faults. Healy and March aren’t incredibly unique characters overall either, though Holly certainly is, but while not especially unique from an overarching point of view there are a lot of small things that in context make them quite interesting. The same applies to some of the other characters as well, wherein they seem pretty archetypal but that in and of itself makes them interesting, such as Jon Boy who is incredibly professional, and Amelia herself who is the epitome of a moronic hippy. There are a lot of great action scenes, a lot of great comedic scenes, and a lot of great scenes that are both of those, so even though the plot moves pretty slowly, the film never seems to be dragging. And ultimately it comes to a conclusion that you would expect to be somewhat unsatisfying all things considered, but all in all seems like a solid ending in part because the overarching plot wasn’t that important anyway.

A film that doesn’t have much depth in terms of plot, but has a great trio of main characters and a lot of great humor and action to keep it entertaining.


I liked the setup for the sequel and sincerely hope we get one, but based on revenue it doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Pity.