Yuki to Sumi


Tarou Nakamura is a pretty average high school student. He sits next to Yukino Tachibana, a calligraphy prodigy, well known throughout Japan and even the world. She’s beautiful, elegant, competent, and looked up to by the rest of their school. At least, that’s the image she puts out. In reality, she’s awful at pretty much everything except calligraphy and has a terrible personality based on a vastly over inflated ego. However, she’s determined to keep that a secret and keep up her image as the school idol. And hence in order to do so, she creates a calligraphy club with only her and Tarou, the only one who has seen her true self, as its members, where the goal rather than being calligraphy is to keep up her image. Tarou really doesn’t want to deal with her nonsense, but she’s really persuasive, and she promises to help him with the girl he has a crush on, Amano, so he ends up going along with her whims.


I really liked the concept of a guy helping a girl fake being a school idol. I think this implementation didn’t really work though. The main character doesn’t have much personality but is overall fine. The problem is that I don’t think that the heroine really worked well at all. Simply put, she’s only annoying. Being annoying and rude and such is perfectly fine if there was more to her but it never really felt like her good aspects showed, and hence she was never really a likable character. Really, the only thing that it seemed the manga even tried using to paint her in a good light was calligraphy, but that ultimately wasn’t enough. This also results in her not really having any sort of chemistry with the main character either. The side characters and the whole structure didn’t really feel like it was working either with no clear direction at all even 10 chapters in. Hence, I can’t say I’m all that surprised or disappointed it got cancelled and given a pretty pointless ending. Still, for what it was I thought it was amusing, and Yukino did have her moments even if overall I wasn’t all that fond of her. The art was also pretty solid.

An interesting concept that isn’t implemented that well but is funny for how short it is.